Chris Brown joins the National Anthem Protest at Celebrity Basketball Game


It seems that Chris Brown is constantly in the news for his action and behaviors. This time around, he has insulted quite a few people, and the police had to get involved to break up a fight with him and a fan.

On September 11, which is a pretty tense day for Americans as it is, Chris Brown attended a charity basketball game where he refused to stand for the National Anthem. Fans saw him laughing during a 9/11 tribute that was very insulting to them and the soldiers involved in the tribute. A fan at the game was upset by Chris Brown’s actions and was very vocal with him.

The police got involved when Chris Brown started arguing with the fan and becoming irate. He leaned over the railing where the fan was and seemed to be very bothered by the whole incident.

Chris Brown is joining the likes of Colin Kaepernick who has also refused to stand for the National Anthem. After that incident, many NFL teams have been showing their utmost respect for America during the National Anthem while a handful of players still refuse to stand. These players who have refused to stand are doing so to protest what they see as “social injustices” in America.

Many parents are worried because now this protesting has spread to high school football teams across the country. Clearly, the players in the NFL have quite the influence on people all around the world.

After all of these incidents, a lot of Americans are beginning to wonder why they are protesting. The NFL has made apologies about the incidents, but the players will do what they feel is right in showing protest for what they believe in. Many of them feel this is their first amendment right to do so.