Katy Perry is ready to collaborate with Taylor Swift if she apologizes


Imagine Taylor Swift and Katy Perry collaborating on an album together. Well, that will be one for the charts but, according to Perry, this will only happen when Taylor Swift apologizes. Apologies for what you may ask. Well, it turns out that this drama was stirred up in 2014 when Taylor Swift’s song ‘Bad Blood’ was debuted and Taylor hinted that the song was based on a fellow singing diva.

Taylor continued to state that what this ‘fellow singer’ did was so horrible that they were legit enemies. Taylor said that this wasn’t over a guy, but was totally business related as this singer tried to sabotage Taylor’s arena tour by hiring personnel out from under her.

After these allegations, social media quickly linked information and stirred up that Katy Perry is this anonymous singer as she hired a few dancers who previously worked under Taylor Swift, not to mention the fact that they both dated John Mayer.

When these statements were out to the world, Katy Perry took to Twitter and stated “Watch out for Regina George in Sheep’s clothing. “This statement went on further in 2015 with Billboard. In an interview with them, Perry said that if her character is under attack, she will not stay quiet about it.
Well, since this drama happened in 2014, why does it come up now you ask? Well, it turns out a fan took to Social Media and asked Perry if she would ever collaborate with Taylor Swift and she responded with “If she says sorry, sure!”