Michael Strahan Opens Up About Leaving Live!


Former co-host of Live! Michael Strahan, speaks out about his departure from the show and his now, less-than-warm, relationship with Kelly Ripa in an interview with People magazine, where he is featured on the cover Back in April of this year, Michael Strahan announced that he would be leaving Live! To join the team of Good Morning, America as their latest co-host.

The ABC network was called out for not informing Ms. Ripa before Strahan’s seemingly sudden announcement. Viewers might remember Ms. Ripa’s weeklong absence from the show as part of her reaction to the news. Her rationale for the no-shows was her longtime standing with the program in which she had “earned” the opportunity to take time off to process the upcoming changes.

In a move to buffer the drama, executives issued an apology to both hosts for not informing Kelly Ripa before Strahan’s announcement and thus, placing the former NFL star in a difficult position with his former co-host and friend. Disney/ABC Chief Ben Sherwood apologized publically for the handling of the situation. Michael Strahan expressed his disappointment at being portrayed as the “bad guy,” but continued his co-hosting duties until May 13, a date that was moved up from the original.

Looking back at the experience, Michael Strahan declares that he has learned a lot from Kelly Ripa during his time with Live!. While he states that her response to news of his parting was not a surprise to him, he found himself relying on skills that he obtained as a former pro-football player, particularly the ability to roll with the criticism. As he expressed during the interview with People, his focus was on the show itself and doing the best he could for the viewers.

In the meantime, the show’s executives are not rushing their search for a new co-host. For the time being, Kelly Ripa is co-hosting with a variety of guest stars and is said to be agreeable with the current dynamic.