Obama remains hopeful for the future


America has been kind of imploding on itself since the election results were announced a little over a week ago. With so many public protests and riots following the news of president-elect Donald Trump, Barack Obama is trying to stay optimistic looking towards the future. Of course he was disappointed with how the elections turned out, but that didn’t stop Obama from meeting with the new president-elect and giving him all the help he needs to succeed.

During their meeting, Obama stressed the importance of setting up a trustworthy staff, including chief of staff, national security adviser, and counsel who will help him make the best decisions possible. While the two men’s ideologies have a night and day difference, Obama commented on Trump’s ‘sincerity’ about becoming president—and with the right intentions, his skills could severe him well as president. It was clear during their talk that Trump’s lack of experience in the political field isn’t going to make for a smooth transition, although Obama has said that he will spend as much time mentoring the president-elect on his new position longer than most current presidents do for their successors.

The most important thing, Obama stressed, is that Trump’s transition into the White House must go smoothly if we want to make the most of the situation; with Obama stating “I think it is important for us to let him make his decisions. The American people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see.” Despite popular opinion, Obama has claimed that the president-elect, “expressed a great interest in maintaining our core strategic relationships.”

Whether you voted for him or not, the reality is he’s going to be our president soon enough; while there’s reason to dislike him, let’s at least see what he does before losing our minds.