Suspected Murderer of Two Police Officers Arrested in Iowa


Two police officers of Des Moines, Iowa were found shot dead in their patrol vehicles early Wednesday on November 2nd. In two separate attacks the two men were ambushed in their cars without confrontation or any chance to fight back before they were killed. Thankfully, it did not take longer for investigators to find the officers’ murderer—Scott M. Greene.

The 46 year old man had built himself a reputation in his town as a troublemaker, but none expected such a violent act to come from him. After the death of his father and a messy divorce, Greene fell into a slew of arrests for some downright bad decisions, including attending his daughter’s high school football game and waving a confederate flag in front of African-Americans in the crowd.

Earlier in the day before the murders took place, Greene had just been found guilty of physical and mental abuse on his mother, in addition to financially manipulating her, and the judge order for Mr. Greene to move out of her house. Perhaps the final straw for Greene as the frustrated man lashed out at the system he despised and took the lives of Sgt. Anthony Bemino and officer Justin Martin—Martin, who had just joined the force last year.

After his killings, Greene had waved down a passing car—telling them what had transpired and to call 911. Responders arrived finding Greene unarmed and compliant as they took him into custody. It’s unconfirmed whether there were multiple assailants in these murders; and although Greene claims to have worked alone, Iowa’s sheriff department is not taking the matter lightly as police ‘ambush killings’ have dramatically increased over the past years. Iowa sheriff claimed that he is still greatly concerned for the lives of his officers and the safety of the public as there still may be another assailant at large.