Woman Finds Deadly Snake in Her Christmas Tree

Woman Finds Deadly Snake in Her Christmas Tree
Image Source: Snake catcher Victoria

Reason #103 to not live in Australia: even the Christmas tress want to kill you.

Earlier this weekend in Melbourne, Australia, a woman living in Australia found a scaly surprise gift hidden in her Christmas tree. What could’ve been easily mistaken as a questionably hipster tree decoration was actually a snake that found its way into the woman’s home! The three-foot snake was identified as a highly venomous Tiger snake. Naturally, randomly discovering deadly creatures happens at least once a week, so Cheryl calmly called animal control specialist Barry Goldsmith and the snake was safely removed from her home 20 minutes later.

Goldsmith said that the woman, who we only know as Cheryl, handled the situation ideally. “She just took a photo and sent it to the snake catcher, me, and 20 minutes later I had the little bugger in a bag. Ho Ho Ho.” Only down under would people be so nonchalant about being at odds with a reptile that could pretty easily kill you; Goldsmith simply claims it as, “just another day in the office for me.” If you say so, buddy.

If you aren’t aware, pretty much ANY animal you find in Australia is likely to be deadly. Tiger Snakes in particular are in the top 10 most toxic animals on the planet. However, as Barry Goldman says, “they’re not dangerous unless you poke them with a stick or grab them by the tail or try to kill them.” Although it can be hard to stay calm when these sneaky things can pop up anywhere—venomous snakes have been commonly reported to be found in bookcases, boots, and even toilets.

Man, is anywhere safe in Australia?