10 Celebrities Supporting Donald Trump


The United States of America has been going crazy lately.  The presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump has caused plenty of stress for the nation.  Many people even have been critically injured because of their support for Mr. Donald Trump.  Regardless of the physical harm being done to Trump supporters, people are still voicing their opinions.

Plenty of celebrities are proud to announce who they support for this presidential campaign.  When a celebrity voices their opinion regarding Mr.Trump, it causes thousands of people to be displeased with them.  The truth is, when a celebrity announces who they support for president, they are risking their life. 

It takes a great deal of bravery for a celebrity to announce publicly that they are supporting Mr. Donald Trump and are not ashamed of it!  Let’s give the following celebrities a round of applause for having the guts to tell the world that they support Donald Trump! 

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