10 Unluckiest Celebrities


When it comes to tragedy, terror and just bad luck, these rich and famous celebrities have most of us beat. It’s fascinating to see who of the pretty people have been involved in less fortunate affairs.

Some stories we hear are funny; some are creepy, and some are absolutely horrible. We wouldn’t wish any of this on any human, and we hope our beloved stars have better luck in the future. Have you ever wondered who in Hollywood has bad luck, though? When it seems like they all have it easy, it can be hard to see the less polished sides of them.

They are so good at putting their best foot forward and often avoiding too much media and sometimes when they fall on bad times, it’s just simply forgotten. Well, look no further because we have compiled a list of 10 very unlucky celebs.

Whether it’s related to bad decisions, creepy happenings or unrelated tragedies, these celebs definitely have it bad.