10 Secrets About Suicide Squad Unveiled!


The Suicide Squad is a team of Super-Villains assembled by Amanda Waller to be a government weapon for their top secret missions. I’ll stop right there because we all know that the Suicide Squad is no Stranger to the Comic World.

Having appeared in several movies before, we are all quite familiar with its characters and storyline.
Being one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, here we have for you a few secrets to give you the inside scoop on the movie and its cast. From the storyline to the excitement of the cast, there are a wealth of secrets that we are dying for you to know and hey, why not get you psyched out since there may even be therapists in the movie theaters.

Even though the movie is based on the Original Suicide Squad, David Ayer, and Zack Snyder had a few surprises of their own as they incorporated other fun characters, such as the Joker, into the movie. With actors such as Will Smith.