Apple Scraps Workers in an Effort to Reboot Self -Driving Car Project


For the past two years, Apple has been working very secretively on building and designing an autonomous vehicle. The ambitious project is showing signs of trouble, however, as recently the company has had to lay off dozens of employees. Apple is reassessing its strategy about how to pursue the technology as its efforts have been progressing at a troublesome pace. Other Big tech companies like Google and Tesla have plowed ahead although not without issues of their own. The parent company of Google “Alphabet” has been focusing on the technical aspects that make the software and system work without any mass production. Elon Musk’s brainchild the Tesla has also come into the spotlight after a fatal accident was linked to the cars self -driving features.

Apple has hinted that this could be a long “Christmas Eve” before the public can unwrap its self -driving car presents. The project is currently in a “reboot” phase, shifting the focus from design and production to creating the key technological pieces for the autonomous vehicle. The layoffs were due in part to Apple employees who struggled to clearly define what the self- driving car could offer consumers that other companies were not already.

Apple Aims at Changing Public Transportation and Car Ownership

Batteries, sensors, and software all play a role in the technology responsible for powering Electric cars. The internal combustion engine may be a thing of the past in the years and decades to come. Apple had been looking seriously at building such self-piloted vehicles as early as two years ago, expanding and pulling in experts from the automotive industry as well as within its own divisions. At one point the project had pulled in over 1,000 employees in the course of 18 months. As more difficult struggles and problems began to emerge the initial and long-standing Apple employee Steven Zadesky left the company for “personal reasons.” The door has been left open for a new executive to walk through and oversee the project as Apple forges ahead to represent this new market.

The infamous IPhone has shown a decline in sales as of late, but thanks to new headway made by Apple, a number of fully autonomous automobiles are in the midst of testing. Although the technology is still a while from being available to mainstream consumer use, Apples recent layoffs will allow the project to move ahead on budget and without the lack of focus that challenged the projects prototype phase.