Investors for Weight Watchers Adore Oprah


There was an article written in People Magazine about Oprah Winfrey that is said to have boosted the shares of Weight Watchers. This article was said to have Oprah speaking opening about all of the weight that she has lost because of Weight Watchers.

Oprah Boosts Stocks

All it took was for People to post up an article about how much weight Oprah had lost when she was using Weight Watchers. She credits Weight Watchers with her whole new lease on life, and many were shocked to read the infamous quote “I can now straddle Steadman without breaking his back.”

Ever since Oprah has boasted about losing so much weight with Weight Watchers, stocks in the weight loss giant have risen over 3%. A few days after the article showed up again, stocks went up again to 5%. With Oprah getting involved with Weight Watchers, they have seen many positive things happening for them, rising stocks being the best.

Weight Watchers in Need of A boost

When Oprah first announced that she was joining Weight Watchers, which was in early October of last year, the stocks really began to soar. Many other investors were practically throwing money at them because they knew how well Oprah would affect them.

Weight Watchers needed Oprah’s name behind them because they have had problems with their stocks plummeting. With all of the free and discounted diet plans online and on the market, Weight Watchers has been losing quite a bit of money.

Because Oprah has money and power, her name can really help the stocks of Weight Watchers. If she continues to share stories of her weight-loss, the company may see their stocks continue to grow. Perhaps Weight Watchers can find many more celebrities and investors to help boost their profits once again.