Kobe Bryant wants to be the MVP of Investment


Kobe Bryant, one of the world’s best athletes and a go-to name when it comes to basketball has admitted that, in 20 years, he’d prefer to be remembered as an investor rather than a basketball player.

In an interview with CNBC, when Bryant opened up about his $100 million venture fund, he also shared some feeling about what he would like to be remembered as and, e opening admitted that he would dearly prefer to be remembered as an investor rather than a basketball player.

This was a no-brainer for Bryant as he had spent the last four years learning more about investment and ensuring that this is what he wanted to do in his life. He was also coached and mentored along the lines of investment by the CEO of Nike, Mark Parker.

According to the Kobe Bryant, in an interview with CNBC's Carl Quintanilla, he stated that investing is more of a meaningful way to be remembered as it as a lasting impact compared to basketball. Kobe Bryant continues to state that with basketball, the focus is mainly on winning championships and having the honor to be an MVP recipient, but, there will always be another team that wins the championship, and there will always be other MVP players. For Kobe, it is a more beautiful thing to inspire the generations to come so that they can also be motivated to inspire those who come after them. And that is something to be remembered by.

These statements made by Kobe Bryant surely is not expected from him as he already built a legacy in the field of Basketball, easily placing him in the top ranks in the basketball game and a top candidate for the Basketball Hall of fame. But, with his enthusiastic attitude and his passion for investing, it would come as no surprise if he is remembered as both a successful investor and one of the world’s best basketball players of his time.

According to Kobe Bryant, “we need to continue to improve and continue to learn as we grow in life because, at the end of it all, we have to constantly move along in life. That’s what makes life so fun.”