Leonardo DiCaprio Now Supports Man-Made Diamonds


There is a new company, based out of Santa Clara, which has started to make diamonds in a laboratory setting. They are using a reactor that can create high temperatures in plasma that can create diamonds.

Man-Made Diamonds: A Look at the Future

Diamond Foundry is taking the jewelry world by storm with their man-made diamonds. They basically build the diamond in a plasma reactor. There is only a tiny piece of a real diamond used in this entire process. It takes them close to a month to produce. The company wants to be able to produce these diamonds so the controversy that surrounds diamonds will be gone for good.

Diamonds have had a controversy associated with them for many years. Wars and conflicts have occurred because of the “blood diamonds.” The money made from most of these diamonds goes to warlords. This is why the Diamond Foundry wants to begin to produce these diamonds in bulk.

Investors with high profiles

It took the company about two years to get all of the production methods perfect. In November of last year, they launched the first man-made diamonds. They have designers and cutters on their staff and have been producing rings and loose diamonds.
They have been welcomed into the industry by many high profile celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio heard about the company and immediately called them. Leonardo DiCaprio is an activist in the topic of “blood diamonds” and he is in full support of the Diamond Foundry and what they are doing. Leonardo DiCaprio has been filling his Twitter feed with only great words about the company and states that he is very happy to be supporting them.

The company is doing well so far stating that all of the diamonds that they are making are selling out very quickly.