Smartphone Explosions Shake up Samsung and the World


No matter how you look at it, an exploding cell phone is a big problem. With the recent news of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 having a tendency to explode, people are understandably shaken up. The shares for this globally recognized brand have plummeted in the wake of this scary malfunction issue, and Samsung has urgently warned its customers not to use their Note 7 and turn it off immediately.

Side Effects

The side effects of this issue have caused alarm in the transportation industries as well as many other types of industries due to the fear of random passengers’ phones exploding on a plane, in a bus or in a stadium. The impact not only harms the direct consumer and the company involved, but it can also impact any place that these potentially dangerous phones are taken. Officials are being made aware and have banned the use of or even the presence of these phones on planes and in public areas.

Putting Out Fires

Samsung has stepped up immediately after finding fault with their new phones by issuing warnings and urgent requests for people to discontinue use of their phones. Supposedly, it is the battery that is the faulty part that causes the explosions and fires, and this reaction seems to be triggered by charging. In an abundance of caution, they have told people to immediately turn off their phones and use replacement phones that Samsung is loaning to their customers until they have put in batteries that will not cause these issues.

Painful Lesson

Samsung has to deal with a major blow to their reputation as well as their sales and shares because of this oversight. They have done everything in their power to notify customers of the danger, fix the issue and reassure customers that this is not a representation of where the brand is heading. Only time will tell.