Who Are Today's Most Influential Women?


Being a celebrity, or a personality isn't quite so easy as it seems. They have an image to preserve, although a lot of celebrities today don't care what people are saying about them. All they care about is being talked about, even if it isn't quite good for their image.

Some, on the other hand, whether it's to keep a good image, or because they have good hearts, do things in order to influence the crowd in the best way possible. And there are many ways to spread a message: It can be subtle, or it can be full-out explicit. The important thing is that the message is passed on, and that a good example is set.

Though we may not think it, we do follow trends naturally, to fit into society, which is by-far a bad thing. We just need to keep in mind to be respectful and kind.

Here are 10 people who are influential, inspirational, and true role models today.