15 Most Useful Finance Tips For College Kids


College students often learn the hard way that being independent (or semi-independent for commuters living with parents) comes with heavy realities. Those realities are almost always related to good finance decisions or lack thereof.

Kids end up overspending money on daily expenses or taking out too many loans only to suffer the consequences after the afterglow of graduation wears off. A few mistakes will always be made, for what is life without them? But if left unchecked, students could cause themselves major financial headaches. 

It’s possible for college kids to be on top of their finances, or at the very least know what to do to stay afloat. The ones who go off to school with some or all good financial advice in mind do better in the long run.
Whether you’re a fresh-faced freshman, or a junior still struggling with money, here are the 15 most useful finance tips for college kids!