10 Biggest Online Shopping Fails


Ebay, Amazon, and other online stores offer items at lower rates than if they were purchased in the store.  This is a great way to save money and get more bang for your hard earned dollar.

Clothing isn’t the cheapest thing to buy, but the online stores offer beautiful items for a fraction of the typical price!  Truth be told, many of these items are from China and are very poor in quality.  Listen to your family when they advise you not to buy a wedding dress online, you probably will get what you paid for.  That $100.00 gown with a million crystals on it will probably fall apart when you put it on. 

These 10 Biggest Online shopping fails are pure examples of crap quality.  If the product doesn’t have a large number of positive reviews, it is safe to say that you could be wasting your money and end up very disappointed. 

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