10 Hilarious Kids Test’s Answers


Do you remember the freedom of being a child and expressing yourself without caring so much about what others thought?  Do you remember those ridiculous questions that you didn’t want to answer because you thought they were stupid and pointless? 

Being a teacher must be hilarious considering the crazy things that kids put on their test papers sometimes.  From the time they can write they are often thinking outside of the box and often think they are answering the question right. 

It’s safe to say that these 10 Hilarious KIDS Test’s Answers are prime examples of the unique ways children think.  Kids are clever creatures, and when they use their clever skills to show off to the teacher, it makes for a very good laugh!  Many people were once the kids creating these hilarious answers and getting grounded by their parents for their poorly placed sarcasm.  Now, it is their turn to see the sarcasm of their children. 

Want to be a child again? check out this TOP and go back in time!