The Worst Natural Disasters In History


Natural disasters are truly some of the scariest types of disasters due to their unpredictability and power. With technological advancements, we are getting better at predicting severe weather and potential disasters, but it is still extremely difficult and complicated to be accurate and prepare entire cities to brace for. 

Many areas either don't get the warnings in time, are in an impoverished area where there is not enough or no resources, or just refuse to leave the only thing that they own. The results of this combination of bad luck are almost always catastrophic, with the horror splashed across the news, leaving us to just watch and hope it ends soon so that we can send help.  

Fortunately, the call to aid is strong. It seems like the entire world is is willing to lend a hand, and the aid does come. With better communication and transportation at our fingertips, everyone is willing to do whatever they can to offer relief. With different organizations like CARE, FEMA, The American Red Cross, and tons of other efforts, help is always there.

With that being said, here are some of the worst natural disasters that we have ever faced.