14 Friends Actors Then And Now


The popular sitcom, Friends, aired on NBC in 1994 and lasted ten seasons, eclipsing the other resident hit show, Seinfeld, just as the latter came to a close in 1998. Friends basked in popularity, with unprecedented viewership and ratings. Though its premise was nothing groundbreaking, its success is owed to the characters and excellent writing staff. Friends have gone on to inspire so many other sitcoms that have since covered the lives of a group of companions, like How I met your mother, The Big Bang Theory and New Girl.

Some of the actors have gone on to star in other sitcom comedies with ensemble casts, while others have starred in numerous films. While many of the cast members remain heavy hitters in Hollywood, others have faded off into obscurity, leaving fans curious as to what became of them. It’s only natural that we oblige these inquisitive fans.

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