18 Celebrities That Have Been Secretly Dating Each Other


Being in a relationship is already hard work for any random individual, but imagine how it must be for the celebrities. We all acknowledge that being a celebrity has its ups and downs. Some people just thrive in the flashes of cameras and the filmed lifestyles, but with regards to their relationships, some celebrities prefer to be a little more secretive.

Although all celebrities may have tried to keep their relationships under wraps, especially when dating a fellow star, social media has proved that to be almost impossible as every secret date to the devastating break-ups are always sure to make an appearance on the internet in one form or another.

Some of these couples look like they were meant to be like in the movies whereas some couples seem quite unlikely but happened anyway. From movie stars to the models, here we have all the scoop you need to find out more about those ‘secret’ relationships that celebs tried to keep away from us.