26 Celebrities Who Are Actually Twins!


When watching your favorite movie, have you ever wondered if your favorite actor or actress had a twin?  And what would this sibling look like?  Is this person also famous…or the introverted opposite of his/her twin?  How close are they?  There are many well-known stars that have twins who many people are not aware of. 

Not all of these twins and their famous siblings are identical (Many, as a matter of fact, are fraternal and of the opposite gender!), and not all dabble in show business or athletics. Though some you would not have guessed were even related! Nonetheless, they share a priceless bond and kindred spirit, and as widely expected even that special intuition into the other’s mood, behavior, etc.—just like most twins are known to do. 

So read on to find out more about some prominent individuals in the world of television, performance, or sports—and their twin!