How to prepare your car for a Road Trip?


With lovely summer weather and all that time and kids on your hands, what could be a better idea than a family road trip? But, although you all may be ready for the road, is your vehicle ready too? The last memory you need for a summer road trip is being stranded on a lonely road and having to hitchhike with the kids so here are some helpful tips to safeguard you and the family while ensuring some summer family fun.

1. Oil change please! Yes, your vehicle should have an up-to-date oil change according to the Owner’s Manual Guidelines to ensure smooth sailing on your road trip. These oil changes are necessary for a lot of functions to operate properly, and it also assures you no nightmares on the road.

2. If you’re not a car whiz or don’t even know what lies below that car bonnet, get a seasoned mechanic to give it a look before your journey ahead. Mechanics can have an overall look while checking fluid levels, fuses and making sure all the hoses are intact and in good condition. Also, why not give those tires a good look also? Low tire pressures can cause difficulty to maneuver the vehicle and lead to early deteriorating of the tires. Don’t forget the spare tire also because we can never be too sure.

3. Make sure to check those car lights also. These include the headlights, cabin lights and check on those brakes while you are at it. These are simple tasks that can save you a lot of trouble if they aren’t up to standard.

4. Much like humans, cars also have a heart of its own. Yes, I’m talking about the battery, so be sure to check it and if you may need a new one, replace it and avoid any stress.

5. In the summer, we still have to look out for those sharp, quick showers that can be a serious risk on the roads. Check on your car wipers and ensure that they are in top condition and not forgetting that it should work properly. Also, don’t forget to refill your fluid reservoir to swipe away those annoying bugs that are sure to be an encounter on your road trip.

6. If you are one of those who tends to forget that the car should be clean, take this opportunity to give it a thorough cleanout. Wipe, vacuum and sanitize the entire inside before you or your loved ones fall ill. Because that will surely put a damper of your family time.

7. With any situation, you can never be too safe. So, don’t leave out your emergency kit when heading out the road. This kit should include the car’s manual, jumper cables, extra fuses, a small tool kit, gloves, car chargers, blankets and drinking water.

Put these handy tips on a checklist and you’ll be ready for your road trip in no time. Then, you can look forward to enjoying every second of this fun-filled journey.