The Best Kept Secret Recipes of Mega Food Chains


Some things must stay secret... Especially when it comes to food. Here are some examples of companies that have built their success around a secret recipe.

1. KFC

According to Joe Ledington, the nephew of the famous Colonel Sanders, the recipe is in his possession much to the denial of the fast food juggernaut. There is a 70 -pound digital safe that is currently housing the secret ingredients that haven’t seen the light of day in spite of the many claims that certain individuals have made of owning it.

2. Coca-Cola

Like the food giant KFC, many have come forward with the news that they possessed the secret ingredients. Despite the claims the original recipe has been in a safe deposit box in a specially built vault in a museum (the World of Coca-Cola) created to display the legacy of the Coca-Cola company, located in Atlanta.

3. Famous Amos

Wally Amos was the enterprising talent who founded the cookie brand in 1975 and had since become a cookie creating a legend in the U.S. Aside from shattering records the cookie recipe has also enjoyed total obscurity. Even though Amos lost the food company in 1988, the cookie recipe has been invisible to the public eye. A score of home cooks have offered up what they claim to be the recipe of Famous Amos.

4. McDonald’s

The McDonald’s Special Sauce is basically a household name, and the Big Mac is a staple in any chain the restaurant opens. Just because you choose to work there as an employee doesn’t mean you will be let into the loop. Although the ingredients themselves were disclosed in a PR video in 2012, the exact amounts were not revealed.

5. Dr. Pepper

With 23 flavors the recipe of this Waco, Texas-born drink was supposedly discovered by Texas resident in 2009 in an old ledger book. The company was quick to deny the claims and affirms that the recipe is only known by three Dr. Pepper employees.

6. Bush’s Baked Beans Recipe

Since its creation in 1967, the original recipe is still very much a secret that has been handed down from each family generation. Obviously, the ingredients are composed of brown sugar and bacon that has been double cured. At the Chestnut, Tennessee visitor’s center the infamous family recipe book is on display minus the actual recipe of course.