10 Celebrities That Have Fallen Into Poverty


Have you dreamed of being a wealthy person? Many people think that becoming rich will solve all of life's problems. The truth is, being rich isn’t always sustainable...

Many celebrities are living proof that anyone can end up broke and down on their luck. Some of the people on this list may shock you because they seem to have their lives together right now. There are many reasons why a celebrity might go broke; divorce and child support are two common reasons. The most common reason tends to be running from the IRS.

The IRS wants your money folks, and there is no way to hide from them forever. If you are a celebrity, the IRS is especially watching your every move and dollar; they know what you are making, and they aren’t afraid of asking for a huge piece of that dough! Who are the 10 Celebrities That Have Fallen Into Poverty on our list?

When it's well managed fame could have benefits sometimes... Check out this article to see one of them.