10 Celebrities With And Without Photoshop


One thing that plagues many celebrities is the need to look perfect all the time. Standards are set high, and technology can change them into just what people want to see.

Photoshop has changed the game for many celebrities and has also created an incredibly high standard for looks since many people don’t even realize how often Photoshop is used to alter and improve photos. We think everything in moderation is great and wish someone followed us around using Photoshop on our cellulite and zits but sometimes editors and celebs can take it too far.

Whether or not you agree with the use of Photoshop, you must admit that it’s fascinating to see the differences and changes it can make to someone’s appearance. Some people are nearly unrecognizable without it!

Check out some of these before and after Photoshop comparisons and we’ll let you decide if it’s too much or not.