10 Crazy Things Celebrities Can Do That Normal People Can't


Celebrities are just like us, right? Wrong. While some celebs appear to be down-to-earth and average, many take advantage of their status to do things normal people can’t do. To be fair, it’s hard for a lot of them to do normal people things because they are so famous, but they can definitely go a little, erm, over the top… or at least have the opportunity to go over the top. 

That’s right, they get to experience things us average folk just can’t do. Even if we had the money to, we probably wouldn’t be able to because it’s also about fame. After all, when a celebrity goes somewhere, it’s usually a great success for that place. 

So sit back and enjoy the top 10 things celebrities can do that normal people can’t do. You won’t be surprised, but you definitely will be shocked.