10 Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Celebrity Parents


Whether you’re famous or not, you are born with traits that can be extremely similar to your parents. We often hear, “oh she has her mother’s eyes,” or “look, he has his father’s chin!” when a baby is born or when a child grows up.

Very rarely however, will child and parent look nearly identical… unless of course you’re a celebrity kid. We’re not really sure how it happens, but there are a ton of kids who are their celebrity parent’s doppelgänger. This means, they look exactly like them, and as they get older, the resemblance only gets stronger. 

Lucky for these kids, their parents are celebrities, which usually implies they are seriously, ridiculously good looking. That means, these kids are seriously, ridiculously good looking. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the top 10 kids who look exactly like their celebrity parents.