14 Celebs Who Died Tragically on Set or on Stage


From undetected medical conditions to freak accidents to possible situations of homicide, many performers had been taken out way too soon. Some of these stars had just embarked on a budding career; while others left behind a long list of accomplishments and honors to their name.

Either way, the memories of scenes and concerts endure in the hearts of their fans, and their work is forever immortalized—along with the haunting movie scene “when the accident occurred” or footage from a final stage performance.  In some cases, unanswered questions about the circumstances surrounding these untimely deaths remain, not to mention some complicated lawsuits.

Nonetheless, movie and music aficionados continue to be fascinated with the legacy of departed performers, and just about every generation has its fair share of icons who might have died but definitely not forgotten. So here is a list of the top 14 celebrities who have died while on a set or even on stage.