American Drivers Spending on Premium Gas


AAA and their insight

AAA has done many studies of American drivers, and they have admitted to putting premium gas in their cars even though their owner’s manual does not recommend it. Drivers see the word premium, and they make the assumption that the gas is much better for their cars even though it may not be at all.

Many drivers think that because there is higher octane in premium fuel that their car’s performance will be much better. That is not always the case especially if the car was not made to handle premium fuel, which is the case with most cars being made today. AAA urges these drivers not to waste the extra money on premium gas.

Just the facts

After conducting quite a few studies, AAA has come to the conclusion that just about 70% of drivers own a car that requires regular gas. The number of drivers that own a car that takes premium gas is much lower, coming in at 16%. This means that the number of drivers who are using premium gas when they don’t have to is very high. Over the past year, there have been over 270 million Americans who are filling up their gas tanks with premium fuel when their car is not even built to do so.

When it comes down to it, most cars are not made to use premium gas. This gas will do damage to the engine and the tank after years of using it. With gas prices always getting higher and higher, why waste that extra money on premium gas? Be sure to take a look at your owner’s manual to check if your car needs premium fuel.