Olive Garden launches its never ending pasta pass


If you have always been a fan of Olive Garden’s Unlimited Pasta frenzy, but always missed the chance to buy your pass, then gear up because now is your chance to get into one of the best deals of the year!

Olive Garden has become well known for its yearly pasta bloom which has been a huge success for the past 21 years, but this year is sure to be Olive Garden’s Biggest sale as this promotion is 10 times bigger than last year sales on their passes.

On Monday, Olive garden’s Restaurant chain organized 21,000 passes out of which 2000 of them were sold in the first minute of its promotion. These passes cost $100 each and entail unlimited Pasta Dishes, soft drinks, salads and their famous breadsticks. This promotion lasts from October 3rd to the 20th of November and Olive Garden is proud to announce that their best-selling Chicken Alfredo will also be included in the promotion.

These passes are quite popular and have drawn quite a lot of attention as last year; the owners of passes ate an average of 28 meals with Olive Garden in a seven week period. That’s basically having 1 out of 5 meals at Olive Garden.

In addition to the regular passes, Olive Garden also arranged for an online sale via EBay. This will be a one hour sale on Thursday and is owned by Darden (DRI). The restaurant chain has stated that all the proceeds of the promotion will be donated to Feeding America. Feeding America is a non-profit food bank that operates across the United States.

This year, Olive Garden has outdone itself as this is its biggest promotion ever in its 21 years of Unlimited Pasta Service. This is no surprise as this promotion has become the ideal fan favorite.