Time to Buy Stock in Netflix


Although nothing is guaranteed, and such is the plight of any type of stock investments, there’s reason to believe that your favorite chill-time entertainment source could make a sound investment right now. Netflix (NFLX) stock is predicted to soar according to reliable sources, and we have the inside information that can help you make the decision to invest. Ready your investments boys, we’re going in.

The Risk

So what is it that you need to know about the risk of investing in Netflix right now? This is a great question and makes for a savvy investor. Let’s explore the risks before we try to sell the reward. The facts here show that US sales skyrocketed when the app premiered, and now that the market seems saturated and growth has slowed, there are some that believe this is as good as it gets, and Netflix will continue to stagnate from here on out, or decline.

The other important risk factor is that competitors are getting better and savvier about how to beat Netflix in their own game. They’ve taken the time to assess the issues and are prepared to lure customers away. Some believe that the new streaming options will cause Netflix to decline.

The Reward

Now you’re starting to doubt your reasons for buying Netflix stock, and for good reason, but checking out the recent stats on what the streaming company is up to will probably sway you in the other direction. Fact one, Netflix is still the top streaming platform in the US, and although it has leveled out, it has not declined and shows no sign of declining.

Fact two, the international market is a huge prospect and will start becoming the next frontier for Netflix to conquer.

Fact three, Disney has just made a big deal with Netflix that ensures them more and more permissions to stream their movies and shows in newer and bigger ways. This is huge, and it’s a sign that there is no chill when it comes to Netflix in the next few months. The stock is about to soar, so are you in?