“Zombie-like” Drug Sweeps New York


“Zombie-like” Drug Sweeps New York
Image Source: stevenschlozman

I hope you’ve been doing your research from bingeing The Walking Dead—cause the zombie outbreak is comin’….sort of (not really).

Earlier this summer, a synthetic marijuana strain known as “AK-47 24 Karat Gold,” spread throughout New York City and afflicted users with a strange side effect—‘zombie-like’ symptoms. Users were reported to experience potent depressant effects such as slow responsiveness and blank stares; however, some users experienced more severe effects like seizures and major kidney damage.

 The zombie-symptoms from AK-47 24 Karat Gold isn’t an isolated incident. This drug is but one of hundreds of different synthetic marijuana strains that contain thousands of chemical substances, including "AMB-FUBINACA". The culprit substance, a chemical 85 times as potent as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), seems to be responsible for the ‘zombie outbreak’ that swept New York.

We don’t condone any form of drug use, but especially not synthetic drugs—and here’s why. The fact is that nobody knows what the heck kind of effect these chemical cocktails have on humans; and that’s because the companies that make these ‘drugs’ found a cute little loophole that allows them to sell these substances before they pass human clinical trials. These drugs come in such variety that it’s impossible to test them all for potentially dangerous substances before they have the opportunity to mess someone up for life. Even if trials were to catch one of these drugs before they came to market, about five more would take its place in the time it took to check that one drug. The truth is that so long as the law doesn’t change, these manufactures will continue to sell this poison to anyone who decides buy them. So keep away from them, kids.