10 Bizarre Wedding Traditions From Around The World


From sweet music to beautiful dresses, weddings are magical.  Promising your devotion to one person for the rest of your life should never be taken lightly.  Every culture has a unique set of traditions for this type of lifelong commitment.  If you are married, you may be accustomed to different wedding traditions than your acquaintances or friends.  Some traditions die, while others have stayed alive for centuries. 

From walking on fiery coals to walking down a beautiful aisle, the traditions for a wedding can be endless.  The following 10 Bizarre Wedding Traditions From Around The World will amaze you beyond belief. 

If you are not married yet, these unique traditions may even encourage you to try out a new tradition for your upcoming wedding or a family member's wedding ceremony.  Regardless of who you are or your marriage status, these traditions will give you a good laugh and perhaps make your jaw drop!

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