10 Foods You Need To Avoid During Pregnancy


Yes, that time when you are carrying your baby through one of the miracles of life, and you’re feeling all angelic being a mommy to be, we know you will have those sensational cravings that you will just blame the baby for.

Whether this is your first mommy to experience or you’re going for the baseball team, it never hurts to know a little more to be on the safe side. Being pregnant, we won’t deny it; Food is a BIG deal. So, brace yourself because I am about to be very honest with you (with a bit of the role of your mother) as I reveal to you some food don’ts. Although some of these items may upset you and lead you into your first mommy to be a tantrum, always remember, we have chocolate on our side.

So, pull a chair, some decaf tea and your favourite pillow as we deal with this food dont’s together. And remember, you are currently becoming someone’s everything, so take care of yourself.