10 Most Greedy Celebrities


Have you ever given money to a homeless person? Do you consider yourself a charitable person? You would think that people with more money would be more giving considering they have more to give. Some people are so addicted to money and their selfish tendencies that they fail to give to others. 

What defines a greedy person? Well, an individual that has more than they need and fails to help those that are in need surely would be considered greedy. Some of the wealthiest people in the world give large amounts of money to charity on a regular basis. 

The truth is, some people are just tight wads that do not care about others. Some people are so tight with their money because they have become addicted to earning every dollar they have.  The following article will shock and surprise you.  The 10 Most Greedy Celebrities definitely need to rethink their ways and treat people better!