10 Unexpected Things About Donald Trump


While we all may think that we know all about Donald Trump with his oh so (for a lack of a better word) boisterous attitude, he still has a few surprises in store that not even Trump may want you to know.

Trump is a well-known man in many avenues of life from his big debut in ‘The Apprentice’ to being a praised businessman with a heck of a hair-do. In today’s time, with the upcoming heated elections, Trump has certainly drawn a lot of attention to himself. (Surprise you much?) Now, that he has decided to run for President, (because he can do anything that he wants) we found the need to find out more about Trump, and we found some pretty unexpected things that we feel you need to know.

Although almost all aspects of his life are documented, you will be surprised to know that not everything is highly publicized. From his personal to business and everything in between, we organized the ten most unexpected facts on Donald Trump. So, have a sit and let’s delve into the life of Donald Trump.