23 Celebrities That Have Been Seriously Robbed


In entering the celebrity world, all the fame, glory and glamor is not all that celebrities sign up for. By being in the spotlight, regardless of being a politician, an actor, singer or just being famous for being famous sake and then landing a reality show (not calling any names), that title includes being a target for those sly criminals also.

From golden times to today’s modern society, nobody guard or security firm can perfectly protect any celeb from any robbery. Whether it’s their voluptuous jewelry being showcased on social media or their mansion of a house that holds magnificent art pieces or just very expensive clothing, there is always something to catch the eye of a thief in any celebrity home. And unfortunately, with such easy access to information via the internet, robberies have become so easily carried out by hacking security cameras and even just following these celebs on social media, criminals know their every move.

Whereas some of these criminal act may be minor, some are serious robberies that are even celebs can’t believe happened.