10 Biggest Cheaters In Sports History


Good sportsmanship consists of integrity, honesty, and fairness. When someone cheats, the nature of the sport is inevitably ruined. By following the rules, the glory of the game is appropriately deserved. A new era has been established, and it no longer requires honest planning, brute strength or hours of practice.

The new era is focused on drugs created in chemistry labs, which allows cheaters to prosper. Athletes are now being caught by the “doping police,” which are often costing them their career. When the 10 Biggest Cheaters in Sports History broke the rules, it is featured on headlines.

From lying about age to telling secrets for money, cheating always comes with a price. People who were once considered amazing athletes, with so much potential, end up paying for their poor choices. Which individuals are considered the biggest cheaters in sports history? Read ahead to find out!